A film that presents and highlights certain ideas revolving the themes of existentialism, relationships, and emotion. I must develop a narrative that highlights key ideas and points within the audience. I want the audience to be lead into a space where they can question certain ideologies.


Questioning the basic fundamentals we have as individuals and as a piece of a society can be an intimidating task. For the past year I have been dealing with an internal struggle that revolved around what I "knew to be" and if it was okay to question certain things. I want to share my curiousity and passion for accepting that there doesn't always need to be answers for our deepest questions. I find interest in examining existentialism, relationships, and emotion. Through an experimental film I hope to drive the viewer into sharing my curiousity in picking apart certain views.


The big "How?"... I want to continue building a short length film, roughly 15, that explores the questions I have found myself exploring in the last year of my life. I'm not sure if I want to have a scripted narrative-style experimental film or something that uses visuals, a narrator, and interminent soundtrack to help convey my ideas and questions. I've experimented in both styles before I have found myself leaning towards a "narrated-visual" film.

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